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In many ways, Seattle fulfills plenty of the stereotypes it's known for nationally: it's a politically progressive hotbed where delicious coffee flows like water and rainy days are here to stay! But there's much more to this place than waterproof jackets and gluten-free desserts. People who take the time to explore the Emerald City soon find that the Seattle community is incredibly diverse, vibrant, and strongly committed to youth empowerment and education. Best of all, Seattle is a major hub for AmeriCorps programs of all kinds, and serving in this city grants you automatic entry into a fun, welcoming network of service members from all across the country.


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Join a team that is passionately committed to helping every child in foster care succeed in school and in life! Treehouse staff and volunteers improve educational outcomes for youth in foster care by providing direct service education support and access to essential needs that all kids equally deserve. Treehouse is a well-loved, community-based agency uniquely committed to partnering with school systems, government agencies, caregivers, social workers, and funders to change the trajectory of kids in foster care by helping them make it to graduation day and beyond. Our goal is for foster youth in King County to graduate high school at the same rate as their peers with a plan for their future.

The NDA member at Treehouse will support Treehouse clients with job readiness skills. The member will collaborate with Treehouse staff to identify clients who are able to practice and develop job readiness skills by volunteering in the Wearhouse. The member will train and supervise the client-volunteers and check in with them individually to assess their progress. in addition to supporting the client-volunteers, the member will also support other volunteers at the Wearhouse.


El Centro de la Raza

El Centro de la Raza is a voice and a hub for Seattle’s Latino community as it advocates on behalf of our people and work to achieve social justice. Through its comprehensive programs and services, El Centro empowers members of the Latino community as fully participating members of society. NDA members serve with El Centro's College Readiness Program at the high school and middle school level. El Centro partners with several schools in Seattle (currently Chief Sealth High School, Ballard High School, and Denny Middle School) in order to ensure the success of the College Readiness Program. Members serve in the high school classrooms several days a week, coaching Latino youth through the college preparation process, assisting students with everything from basic college applications, financial aid paperwork, and scholarship research. Members also serve at El Centro's office during the week, managing a case load of specific students and making themselves available to the community. Members typically serve at Denny Middle School about once a month, leading presentations about different college opportunities.


Powerful Voices

Powerful Voices (PV) fosters adolescent girls' development by providing programs and promoting social justice so girls can realize their dreams, engage their communities and shape a better world. Since 1995, Powerful Voices has been improving the lives of girls in Seattle through innovative evidence-based programs in public middle schools, the juvenile justice system, through employment readiness programs, and case management. PV measures success by the changes created in girls lives as they work toward a vision of Girl Justice, where girls and their community come together to advocate for justice and equity. As a social justice organization, they believe that success begins by living out our values of safety, diversity, justice, innovation and integrity in all of the work that they do. Recognizing the impact of economic, racial and gender disparities, their work centers on supporting girls most impacted by institutional oppression. As a result, they reach out to young women of color, ages 12-18, who are living in low-income households.

One NDA member with Powerful Voices will assist in facilitating school-based groups at Asa Mercer and Denny International Middle Schools and a community-based summer program called Girls Rising for girls ages 12-14. The member will meet with each school-based group at least once a week, in addition to planning monthly individual check-ins with the youth. During the summer, the member will help recruit for the Girls Rising program and then help in leading the program, meeting with the group twice a week. All of these programs are highly focused on promoting positive girl culture and allowing the youth to take on leadership opportunities.

Another NDA member will assist with job readiness programs for high school girls. The member will focus on meeting critical employment readiness and paid experience needs by facilitating group-based training in public speaking, project management, teamwork, and communication. Each program will culminate in girl-led projects such as an employment readiness portfolio, workshops at Powerful Voices’ Girlvolution Conference, or the production of a print/online Zine. These programs are also highly focused on promoting positive girl culture and enabling youth to develop employable, concrete skills.

Garfield High School

Located in the Central District of Seattle, Garfield High School's mission states, "Recognizing our diverse history, Garfield educates all students as they become active citizens and achieve academic excellence. Equity is at the heart of our school." In order to focus on this mission, Garfield seeks to provide extra support to students, especially in preparing for various graduation requirements of the Seattle School District. 

Therefore, Notre Dame AmeriCorps members at Garfield High School will support students in various departments, including science, language arts, Spanish, and physical education. Members will serve in classrooms with small groups of students, focusing on helping students grasp concepts and stay caught up in class. Members will help in several class periods each day, building relationships with a variety of high-need students. 


Seattle Education Access

Seattle Education Access (SEA) provides higher education advocacy and opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity throughout King County. Seattle Education Access strives to connect non-traditional students with the information and financial resources to help them achieve their dreams of a college education; to provide financial support that helps low-income youth access higher education and meet their housing and basic survival needs while in school; to provide the personal attention, mentoring, technical assistance, and moral support that marginalized youth need to navigate the complex systems of higher education and financial aid; and to empower young people living in poverty to develop their own voices and succeed in the higher academic arena.

NDA members with SEA will support students in preparing for community college. Members will support youth seeking to prepare for the GED or COMPASS (community college entrance exam) by performing new student intakes to assess skills and learning styles, providing on-going, individual tutoring, and tracking outcomes and gains. Members will also provide support in high school completion courses or in college courses, assisting students with class material. Additionally, members will support ESL students through tutoring and classroom assistance. The NDA members will each be primarily based at one or two different community colleges around Seattle, depending on the needs of the participants.


Youth Employment & Service Learning (YES)

Youth Employment and Service Learning through Seattle Parks and Recreation focuses on providing hands-on experiences for youth that will allow them to develop well-rounded skills, especially in terms of job readiness.

One NDA member spearheads three programs focusing on education through service projects and employment preparation: Teen Intern Program (TIP), Civil Justice Corps (CJC) and the Student Teen Employment Preparation (STEP) program. TIP pairs teens with local non-profit organizations in job shadowing and community mentoring opportunities. CJC is a vocational training program for youth and young adults who are homeless or are in transitional living situations. This program will partner with other community based organizations to develop job experiences that will help participants gain work skills, strengthen their resume and provide workforce preparedness training. STEP is a summer-long program that teaches job readiness skills to teens through urban environmental restoration projects as well as addressing other community needs.

The NDA member will help maintain and create new partnerships with various organizations; develop, revise, and implement curriculum for the programs; work with schools and youth groups to develop service learning projects during the school year; help support two youth oriented career fairs; and coordinate job readiness workshops for youth.


The Able Teens Program (TAT)

Another fantastic program of the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, Able Teens offers collaborative vocational training activities for students with and without disabilities by utilizing the service learning method.

One NDA member will oversee an after school program that operates daily for teens with special needs, while working closely with community based organizations to develop volunteer experiences that will support the employable skill development and incorporate training and social experiences. In addition to incorporating local volunteers to support the TAT program, the member will coordinate monthly family meetings so parents can share ideas for other types of volunteer work or skill development goals and to provide resources that will be helpful to TAT students and their families. By the end of the service term, this NDA member will have significantly increased access to substantive service and educational opportunities for countless students with special needs.

YMCA of Greater Seattle

The YMCA of Greater Seattle focuses on strengthening the community through their various branches and programs. They aim to build "a community where all people, especially the young, are encouraged to develop their full potential in spirit, body, and mind." NDA members serve at various locations through the YMCA.  

Tyee and Evergreen (high school campuses in SeaTac and White Center)
NDA members through the YMCA serve at two different high schools, one member at each school.The high schools are located in a diverse and high need area, with immigrants and refugees from across the world and almost 70% of youth qualifying for free or reduced lunch. The members serve in a few classrooms during the school day, offering academic support to students in high need classrooms.  Members also play a key role in the after-school program, providing leadership in academic tutoring, activity organization and creating a seamless day to day flow.  They assist in various subjects depending on the needs of the students and their academic strengths.  The AmeriCorps member t is critical in creating a seamless day to day program. 

Matt Griffin branch (SeaTac)

The NDA member at the Matt Griffin branch assists with a variety of youth programming, including teen programs at the branch and teen programs in nearby schools. The Matt Griffin YMCA branch serves the Highline area in South King County. It is a diverse and high need area, with immigrants and refugees from across the world and almost 70% of youth qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Programming ranges from organizing art activities and teen events to academic assistance.  The branch AmeriCorps plays an important role in recruiting and leading programming.


Young Adult Services (2100 Building in Beacon Hill) 
The member at the Center for Young Adults will focus on providing support to youth at the drop-in center. The member will assist young people in identifying and achieving career and educational goals. This will involve providing workshops on resume building, cover letters, career exploration, developing internships, and providing academic support through tutoring. The member will also assist homeless youth in navigating the housing support system. 




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