Volunteers from Baltimore EIC


“There was a moment that happened recently where a Pre GED student came up to me after class and began asking me about fractions and decimals. Up until that point, he had been only working on division. As I went through the process and showed him some examples, I noticed a big smile come across his face. He nodded his head and told me that he was going to master division so he could move onto fractions.”

balteach“One of the 6th grade girls did not want to be in school and would try to escape from the school in the morning. We found out that she hates Math (which is what she has first thing in the morning) and that is why she would try to book it out of the school in the morning. I talked to her and got her to go back up to the classroom. I started helping her in Math every morning and since I’ve started, she hasn’t tried to flee school! In addition, she got a 98 on her last homework assignment!”

“Two girls were having problems with another. Both girls came to me and asked me for advice. They didn’t want to lose their tempers and exchange words or more (like they did in the past). I gave them advice, and both girls worked things out on their own. I’m glad I got to help them resolve their problems non-violently. A lot about their character was revealed as well since they asked for help and dealt with the situation in a mature way”.

Volunteer from Boston 2005-2006 shared..

readingphx“One activity I really enjoyed was with the older four students in the toddler class. They will be moving into the Montessori program in the fall. I was reading "Rainbow Fish" with the children so I made about 25 fish with five colors. Then the children used a magnetic pole to catch the fish. This turned out to be a great game because we would count, sort, and practice learning the colors at the same time. I felt this game had something for each child to practice at an age where each child is ready for a different skill.”

Volunteer from Chicago 2003-2004 shared...

“The school planned a day to invite outside speakers on a variety of topics. The focus was partnership between the school and the community. Many of the speakers focused on careers. Our member, who has professional experience as a disk jockey, invited a well-known DJ from a major radio station in Chicago to share with students the opportunities in radio. Our guest shared his experience with two classes and was very well received. “

Volunteer from Dayton 2005-2006 shared...

“One Americorps member wanted to reach out to the adults in the neighborhood where she served. She came up with the idea of a "Chat and Chew.” 25 adults met each week for lunch and the opportunity to discuss making a difference in their own community. Some of the programs instituted were: neighborhood watch, educational opportunities, human assistance programs, personal development classes, and leadership development. A certificate was awarded to all adults who completed at least four sessions of “Chat & Chew.” It was a great success!”


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