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Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps

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Who We Are

Notre Dame Mission Volunteer Program, founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1992, has been placing volunteers at sites nationwide to work alongside all people, especially the economically disadvantaged. The volunteers accomplish this mission by promoting literacy and education.

AmeriCorps is a federally-funded service program, commonly referred to as the domestic Peace Corps, that brings together citizens of diverse backgrounds to serve communities in the areas of education, public safety, human needs and the environment.

In 1995, NDMV sought a partnership with AmeriCorps to allow for an increase in the number of members, offering greater community service in financially-limited sites. This partnership formed Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps.

If you are intereseted in learning more about the roots of NDMVA and the partnership with AmeriCorps, please click here to view "Hearts as wide as the world"

Our Mission

Notre Dame-AmeriCorps, believes that education is the fundamental tool in the struggle of the poor for human dignity, self-esteem, and self-determination. We seek to build community among our members, as well as the people with whom we work by reaching out across culture and class. We are committed to helping people help themselves. Our goal is to promote and encourage education, community empowerment, leadership development and multicultural harmony.

Our Approach

NDMVA supports holistic educational programs for at-risk children and adults in economically disadvantaged communities. We target children in Head Start and school settings as well as adults who are high school dropouts in need of GED, literacy, or parenting skills. Our volunteers are recruited from the local communities and from college campuses nationwide. To further our goals, we develop service partnerships with groups and individuals in the public and private sectors.

Our members work to empower the economically disadvantaged and oppressed through education and personal hands-on support. They tutor children and adults (literacy, GED, and ESL), organize after-school enrichment activities, model and teach conflict resolution and parental effectiveness, and involve community professionals in the learning process.

We seek to build community among our members, as well as the people with whom we serve. Currently, our members come from 30 states and myriad racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our multicultural, ecumenical group is bound together by common ideals of service, educational empowerment, community building, and a desire to translate spiritual values into action.

Hearts as Wide as the World: The Story of Collaboration